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Jason Tarasek

Jason Tarasek has been practicing law for nearly 20 years with a focus upon construction litigation. 

He often assists homeowners and homeowner associations with problems related to construction defects. In this regard, Jason has gone toe-to-toe with insurance companies for years. He understands the game and he knows how to win.

Jason also represents homeowners asserting non-disclosure claims against homesellers who fail to disclose all that they should.

Furthermore, Jason routinely represents homeowners in insurance-coverage disputes when an insurer fails to honor its obligations under its insurance policy.

Additionally, Jason routinely helps his subcontractor clients obtain full payment for their work by enforcing their payment rights, including rights obtained through mechanic’s liens and Minnesota’s Prompt Pay Act. 

For years, Jason served as the Chapter Attorney for the Minnesota Subcontractors Association (“MSA”). For much of the last decade, Jason worked closely with MSA’s lobbyist and has successfully convinced the Minnesota Legislature to adopt laws that assist subcontractors in obtaining timely payment for their work. 

Jason is an experienced litigator and has first-chaired several jury trials and bench trials over the course of his career. 

Although Jason is an aggressive litigator, he will not litigate just for the sake of litigating. If there is a solution to his client’s problem that would help them avoid extra litigation costs, he will seize it. Jason takes pride in his work; he will never be out-hustled.

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