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Jason Tarasek

Jason Tarasek has been practicing law for nearly 20 years with a focus upon construction litigation. 

He often assists homeowners and homeowner associations with problems related to construction defects. In this regard, Jason has gone toe-to-toe with insurance companies for years. He understands the game and he knows how to win.

Jason also represents homeowners asserting non-disclosure claims against homesellers who fail to disclose all that they should.

Furthermore, Jason routinely represents homeowners in insurance-coverage disputes when an insurer fails to honor its obligations under its insurance policy.

Additionally, Jason routinely helps his subcontractor clients obtain full payment for their work by enforcing their payment rights, including rights obtained through mechanic’s liens and Minnesota’s Prompt Pay Act. 

For years, Jason served as the Chapter Attorney for the Minnesota Subcontractors Association (“MSA”). For much of the last decade, Jason worked closely with MSA’s lobbyist and has successfully convinced the Minnesota Legislature to adopt laws that assist subcontractors in obtaining timely payment for their work. 

Jason is an experienced litigator and has first-chaired several jury trials and bench trials over the course of his career. 

Although Jason is an aggressive litigator, he will not litigate just for the sake of litigating. If there is a solution to his client’s problem that would help them avoid extra litigation costs, he will seize it. Jason takes pride in his work; he will never be out-hustled.


Aaron Sandvig

Of Counsel

Aaron begins with the question, “What’s your goal?” His client’s answer gives Aaron the clarity to build the best path forward. Scorched-earth litigation suits some clients’ needs. But not most. At the end of the day, no one wants to be involved in litigation. Aaron will be more aggressive or less to get his clients through it with their best possible outcome.

Aaron brings nearly a decade of experience in litigation with focuses in real estate, construction disputes, and business conflicts. Having worked in large and small firms, metro and small-town practices, he’s comfortable in any setting or situation his clients have. He handles boundary and fence-line issues, land use and zoning concerns, construction defect cases, mechanics liens, contract disputes, business dissolutions, and numerous other types of conflict. The primary concern in all these cases is “how can we get what the client expected before the dispute arose?”

Outside of lawyering, Aaron started and co-owns a small home services business where he formerly spent more than a few days getting dirty working in central Minnesota homes. He understands the need for clear communication between customers and all contractors. He has experienced first-hand how one parties’ failure to follow through with their commitments impacts everyone. Having experienced both sides of this dynamic, Aaron knows how to navigate the complex dynamics that can develop as small problems sometimes compound into seemingly intractable fights. While you can’t always put the genie back into its proverbial bottle, you can contain the damage that accrues when a construction project gets derailed through frustrated expectations and deteriorating communications. Aaron can help contain that damage.


William J. Rogers

Of Counsel

Will has represented both contractors and homeowners involved in construction-related disputes since 2004, with a diverse clientele ranging from small subcontractors and individual homeowners to large general contractors and multi-association common interest communities. Will’s experience covers a broad array of matters including construction defect litigation, lien foreclosure and defense, contract drafting and enforcement, and general liability insurance issues. Will has developed particular expertise in construction defect matters involving the Minnesota Common Ownership Interest Act (MCIOA), handling numerous multi-party, multi-million dollar claims on behalf of general contractors as well as homeowners’ associations.

Will has also assisted clients whose legal issues touch on bankruptcy proceedings, particularly the needs of creditors seeking to recover from persons and entities that file for bankruptcy protection. He has helped clients secure returns on claims in bankruptcy proceedings, recover judgment, and pursue claims before state agencies.

Over the past 25 years Will has built a broad base of business and legal experience to draw on in counseling our clients. Most of your legal concerns have impact beyond the field of law. Quality legal service includes identifying and considering both the legal and practical issues involved at each step in the process to assist you in evaluating and resolving legal issues. Using this approach, Will has helped business clients with the formation and winding down of business entities, consulted on contract issues and provided contract drafting services. He can also assist you with insurance coverage and risk issues for both businesses and individuals.

Named a Rising Star for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 by Super Lawyers as published in Minnesota Law & Politics magazine

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